We do not sell electric vehicles, but real emotions


Orders on the website are accepted within 24 hours.

The manager will contact you after placing an order on the website.

If you place an order at night or on a weekend, it will be processed on the next business day of our online store.

Advantages of delivery

The courier service will deliver the selected product to you quickly and conveniently;
Possibility of on-site verification at the time of receipt of the order
Call the courier in advance before leaving. You don’t have to wait all day.
If the store has delivered a product that is completely suitable for the order to the customer, and the customer refuses the product, the customer is obliged to pay the delivery cost.

The purchase procedure begins with a consultation with the store’s technical specialist, who will help clarify:

The actual price of the products at the time of the order (a discount or participation of the position in the promotion is possible).
Delivery time in your specific case.
The availability of the product in stock.
Professional technical issues related to the specifics of the order, your wishes and requirements.
Questions related to the processing scheme of your order-from choosing a convenient payment method for you to choosing the optimal delivery method.
Questions of warranty, documents confirming the quality of products and the fact of purchase and sale.
Upon delivery, the customer has the right to open and check the quality of the products !
We work and deliver orders even on WEEKENDS!
We deliver most of the orders on the day of the order!

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