Официальный поставщик электротранспорта от ведущих производителей, предлагает широкий выбор моделей для взрослых и детей. - ELEKTROPARK.UZ
We do not sell electric vehicles, but real emotions

Skillmax M4 Pro 17Ah


This brand of electric transport has proven itself very well. The seat comes complete with a scooter.

The scooter is fast and beautiful, its frame is made of high-strength aluminum and has a light weight.

The scooter is equipped with a bright Led headlight, a rear brake light, turn indicators and a sound signal. The electric scooter is very comfortable and soft, with smooth running

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Xiaomi Mi Electric Scooter Pro 2

The perfect combination of practicality and beauty in the design and engineering of the scooter will help you reach places that you could not even dream of before.

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Smart Balance Wheel 10 Water-Fire

The Smart Wheel Balance 10 gyro scooter with enlarged wheels (greater clearance) has improved cross-country capability.


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For long-distance trips
Kugoo M4 Pro
Kugoo M4
Kugoo M5
Kugoo Max Speed
For walking
Battery: 12.8 Ah (Panasonic)
Power: 350 W
The novelty of the Jilong factory
Max speed: up to 30 km/h
Mileage on 1 charge: up to 43 km


A private innovative company that unites enthusiasts and professionals in the field of electric transport and alternative energy production, promotion and development of electric vehicle infrastructure. We promote the ideas of a new, eco-friendly way of transportation, which delight.

ELEKTROPARK.UZ is the official supplier of electric vehicles from leading manufacturers, offers a wide range of models for adults and children. Our company’s products meet international quality standards. We are constantly looking for interesting novelties, tracking new trends and expanding the range.


The sale of electric vehicles allows you to make it accessible to everyone. After all, such transport has a lot of advantages. It is more mobile and cheaper than bicycles and cars.

One of the advantages is the undoubted environmental friendliness, because there are no harmful emissions into the atmosphere. In addition, electric vehicles are characterized by a low noise level and minimal explosion and fire safety in collisions. It is also distinguished by high performance.

Electric vehicles use electricity as an energy source, and the drive is powered by a traction motor.


Frequent Customer Questions

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3. How does the delivery happen? Which transport companies?
4. Is it possible for children to ride? Or together?
5. Scooters are cheaper in my city. Why?

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