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Electric scooters for the city

What kind of personal transport is required to travel to work, school, to the store or for a walk? Of course, an elegant and reliable urban electric scooter with a speed of up to 35-40 km / h – there is no better “partner” to find! Always with a small weight (up to 11 kg) and an easy folding mechanism. Plus the optimal price-quality ratio.

For an adult and a teenager, a walking electric scooter will be a generator of joy for many years to come: good cushioning, comfort, no maintenance requirements, ease of running, fast battery charging. What else is required for happiness!

The main criteria influencing the choice of electric scooter for walking and commuting
Stylish, sturdy, comfortable, with excellent brakes, with a color display – everyone likes such a walking electric scooter! If the scooter has a seat and it is adjustable to the height of the driver, you are very lucky – the electric scooter becomes universal, suitable for all family members. It remains to learn attention when traveling on sidewalks with a large number of pedestrians.
Important technical characteristics of the “average” electric scooter model for the city.
The degree of protection of the electric scooter from the penetration of dust and water into the body corresponds to IP54, which means: 5 – protection of the body from foreign objects and your limbs; 4 – protection from drops from all sides – you can drive through a shallow puddle!
водителя The driver’s weight is up to 100-120 kg.
Колеса Wheels with a diameter of 8.5 inches can have an anti-corrosion coating.
Shock absorbers on the front and rear wheels ensure a comfortable ride even on the road with small obstacles.
⦁ Almost instantaneous charging time – only 2-2.5 hours to roll 35 km at a speed of 30 km/h.
⦁ The 500W motor (250W for both wheels) provides a stable speed of 15-25 km/h.

Additional devices
Of course, headlights and parking lights (LED-backlight), side reflectors will ensure your safety when traveling at dusk. The possibility of easy folding / unfolding of the electric scooter will not spoil your mood.
The light weight of an elegant walking vehicle will appeal to the fair sex. It is not a shame for a girl to appear in the park with him, it is easy to carry him up the stairs.

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