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Stylish and technological vehicle for real men, professionals and extreme athletes are electric scooters of the SUV class. What distinguishes them? Power, high quality materials and assembly and excellent performance, the ability to install a trunk and seat. The last condition is important if a walk with a range of 60-100 km at a speed of 50-60 km/ h will tire a rider weighing up to 120 kg a little. However, you will not feel tired – pneumatic wheels with a diameter of up to 24 inches will take care of this.

We carefully get acquainted with the technical characteristics of heavy electric scooters weighing 35-50 kg.
Important criteria for choosing a reliable SUV
The bravest and most nimble off-road vehicles can travel not only during the day, but also at night. Safety is provided by an LCD display and LED parking lights, brake lights, headlights, a “turn” switch and backlight. The original models have a low seat fit and a low steering wheel.

Мощность Power up to 1,600 watts (800 watts for each wheel). Fast acceleration with smooth gas supply.
аккумулятора Battery capacity up to 15.6 A/h. It will be enough for a walk up to 90 km long. The driver will get tired faster than the electric scooter will stop.
Inflatable wheels will allow you to drive not only on tiles and asphalt, but also on the forest belt and potholes.
Дек The deck of your ideal electric scooter can be locked with a combination lock.
⦁ The weight of different models is from 25 to 50 kg. There are lightweight SUVs for ladies with a weight of 16 kg. Such a car is easy to roll up the ramp and steps.

How great it is to drive around the city or forest belt all day on a heavy electric scooter at a speed of 45-65 km /h! And at night, put the “friend” on charge for up to 6-8 hours.

Additional features of heavy electric scooters
Of course, stylish design. The rear footrest has a non-slip coating.
The slides are not scary – the silent engine controller easily climbs at an angle of 30-45 degrees with a rider weighing up to 100 kg.
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