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How electric scooters appeared

The triumphal procession of the scooter around the world is more than two hundred years old. Can you argue with the saying “It’s better to sit than to stand. Is it better to go than to go”? Man has always wanted to make his movement on earth faster. In childhood memories, each of us (especially boys) has his first vehicle – a scooter, wooden or metal and shiny, but there is.

Historical facts

In the handwritten version, a drawing of da Vinci’s scooter has reached us. This is not a bicycle (there is no steering wheel, pedals and seat), and not a classic scooter (the diameter of the wheels was like a large bicycle). Officially, the patent for the invention of the scooter was granted to Baron von Drez in 1818. Therefore, in Germany, the scooter was called a trolley. In Russia, a running car began to be called quite logically a scooter.

A patent was obtained for a metal scooter in 1917 (he even had a steering wheel folded). But this “car” had 3 wheels (by 1925, the designers had removed the third wheel).

What is the difference between modern scooter designs

Until the end of the XX century, nothing new was introduced into the design of the scooter. Mechanical scooters that moved after pushing a person’s foot off the ground have always been in demand. LED headlights, folding seats, disc brakes, built-in electronic control panel, lightweight durable frame and suspension – these features of the models appeared after 1985 with the birth of the first models of stunt electric scooters at Razor.
Yes, stunt models with an electric motor for extreme sports were actively developed. There was even an International Federation of scooter sports.

But how were things with scooters for walking? They came up with a lot of things, since the full classification includes light, medium and heavy (off-road vehicles) models of electric scooters from different companies.

The opportunity to buy a walking electric scooter (as a pleasant alternative to a bicycle) appeared at the beginning of the XXI century. By this time, the park and sidewalk paths have acquired a high-quality asphalt or tile coating to ride for fun!

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