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Choosing electric scooters, we choose a lifestyle

How often can you see students, business people or parents rushing through the streets of the city or the paths of the park on an electric scooter? In summer – every day. And each of them has a specific model that fully meets their needs and desires.

Why “electro”? Because before a walk, the scooter is put on charge like a phone. Depending on the model, the battery lasts for 70 – 150 km. Isn’t it fantastic? The vehicle of the new generation is environmentally friendly and convenient.

“scooters with a motor” have gained their frenzied popularity for short walks and long trips thanks to simple control, high speed, small dimensions. The range of stylish models from different companies (Kugoo, Xiaomi, Ninebot, etc.) as well as prices is quite wide.
Electric scooter is a preference for convenience and quality!

What are “scooters with a motor”?

Regardless of the weight (light or heavy) and the destination (walking or extreme), electric scooters can be divided into three groups.
Классические Classic. Exactly the ones that are so often driven through the streets and parks. Fast, powerful and stylish. Anyone will find for themselves the “one” suitable for daily trips and not burdening the budget.
⦁ With a seat. Yes, such exist and are in great demand. They are convenient and designed for a middle-aged user who appreciates an easy, non-exhausting trip.
Трю Gimmicky. They are distinguished by a strong suspension, maneuverability, build quality, which allows you to perform sports tricks without worrying that the scooter will break.

Important Features

Electric scooters are attractive to customers primarily by their quality and stylish design. For example, South Korean ones look expensive and correspond to their status. Innovative models occupy the “golden mean” between light “swallows” (made of aviation aluminum) and heavyweight monsters. And the characteristics are attractive:
скорость speed – up to 85 km / h, allowing you to drive not only on footpaths, but also on highways;
мощный powerful battery that charges quickly and works for a long time (up to 110 km of road);
wide wheels (11 inches), thanks to which you can travel on forest and dirt roads.
⦁ increased load capacity, allowing to transport people weighing up to 150 kg;
⦁ the weight of the mobile means in the range of 20-25 kg.
You should pay attention to the speed, battery power, wheel width, weight, load capacity and price when buying an electric scooter.

Additional accessories

Inexpensive “scooters with a motor” are always a welcome purchase for a teenager and just a great vehicle. Electric scooters can be of different colors, equipped with bright headlights, have two sockets for charging.

Heavy electric scooters (weighing up to 50 kg) for real men and professional riders have two brakes instead of one, a chic design, tires made of durable rubber on wheels 13 inches wide, an extended platform, an LCD display with settings.

A reliable and high-quality electric scooter is a wonderful companion for all lovers of outdoor walks. We study the characteristics, get acquainted with the price and buy!

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