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Smart Balance 6.5 Gyro Scooter

Police officers on chic gyroscuters from the movie “Baby from Beverly Hills” (2008) immediately attracted the attention of the audience. And after 10-12 years, we calmly began to look at children and adults riding on the sidewalks and paths of parks on this fashionable means of transportation.

Various models of gyroscuters differ in speed, battery capacity, engine power, wheel diameter, number of controllers, price and accessories. The choice depends on your budget, the preferences of a particular manufacturer, the age and weight of the driver, the weight of the gyroboard. We are getting acquainted with the characteristics of the Chinese-made Smart Balance Wheel 6.5 gyro scooter.

Selection criteria

The Smart Balance 6.5 gyro scooter model is suitable for riding on flat tracks without obstacles. The battery holds a charge for up to three hours, which is enough for one walk. It charges for 4-5 hours. The main feature is a budget version of “toys for the whole family” made of high-quality plastic. The Smart Balance 6.5 gyro scooter is a great gift for children, although it can withstand the weight of an adult (80+ kg). It is easier and faster to learn how to control a child 7-8 years old than a bicycle. And smart boys start riding a gyro scooter from the age of 5. By the way, children get used to the new way of riding faster than adults. And the pleasure of walking just rolls over!

Main Features

⦁ Speed up to 15 km/h.
Вес Weight – 11 kg (there is a carrying bag). It’s hard for a child to carry on their own, but parents will help.
⦁ The wheel diameter is 6.5 inches (165 mm).
⦁ The total power of the motor is 750 kW (350 kW per wheel).
Additional advantages: a comfortable footrest with rubber pads, stylish design, beautiful colors of plastic plus LED lighting when moving. You can listen to music from your phone via Bluetooth.

Useful tips

When charging the battery, as soon as the green LED lights up, turn it off immediately.
You can not ride in puddles or in the rain.
Do not carry (transport) switched on.

It’s great when a whole family (4 people) rides on gyroscuters – a healthy lifestyle plus a positive mood transform us! Are you ready to buy?

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