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Smart Balance 8 Gyro Scooter

On stylish and maneuverable Smart Balance 8 gyroscuters, we ride on smooth high-quality paths and sidewalks on the street, and in spacious rooms of shopping and entertainment centers and exhibition halls. You can also ride around the house or apartment! Tubeless inflatable wheels with a diameter of 20.3 cm allow this. Acceleration is up to 18 km / h, so you need to be careful. A wonderful balancing system for children’s fun (for beginners, do not forget about knee pads and elbow pads!)

Selection criteria

The popular product line includes models Smart Balance 8, Smart Balance 8 Transformer, Smart Balance Wheel 8 and others, featuring an original futuristic design.
The main characteristics.
⦁ The weight of the “driver” is from 20 to 100+ kg.
Максимальная The maximum speed is 15-18 km/h.
The weight of the gyroboard is 11 kg plus a carrying bag.
колес The diameter of the wheels is 8 inches (203 mm).
⦁ The total power of the motor is 400 watts (200 watts per wheel).
⦁ Battery capacity 3.0 A/h. Samsung battery (charging lasts up to three hours on a walk).
⦁ There is a convenient remote control (on/off).
Medium class of protection against moisture.
The warranty for the gyro scooter is 1 year, the warranty for the battery is six months.

Additional benefits. LED lights are blue when moving. Impact-resistant plastic housing, no scratches are visible on the “war paint”. Built-in TaoTao app with Bluetooth speaker, connects to a smartphone or iPhone. Not very expensive in price.

Useful tips

We ride on a horizontal flat surface without large slopes (maximum – 10 degrees slope). It won’t work downhill. Let’s get off the gyro scooter only back! We take it in our hands, transfer it, and go on.

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