What is called a gyro scooter
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What is called a gyro scooter

The invention of a new sports device, the gyro scooter, is just over 10 years old. However, the device itself, the gyroscope, was invented at the beginning of the XIX century and is associated with the names of Foucault, Shilovsky and other scientists. The principle of operation of a gyroscope having 3 degrees of freedom is used in navigation, in particular, in the Hubble telescope.

A patent for a segway vehicle (a prototype of a gyro scooter) using the gyroscope principle was obtained by D. Kamen in 1999. The popularity of the fashionable vehicle has swept the world since 2014. A fabulous vehicle that allows you to drive without a steering wheel. Plus, its budget price ensured the demand for constantly improving Chinese and South Korean models of mini segways (or hoverboards, as they are called in England).

The main features of the gyro scooter
Fashionable devices immediately pushed bicycles and electric scooters. The demand for them is primarily provided by children. Although there are models that can withstand a solid rider weight – 100 kg or more. What did they take? Unusual appearance of a new vehicle, ease of operation, low price.

Gyroscuters are convenient to move not only along the paths of the park and the embankments, but also on the territory of the warehouse, supermarket and exhibition pavilions. Police officers like to patrol huge territories of aero and railway stations on gyroscuters.

Two built-in electric motors are responsible for speed, so the speed and power of the vehicle are positively correlated with each other. For example, with a total power of 700 watts (350 watts for each wheel) the maximum speed reaches 20 km/h. However, for safety reasons, a speed of 12-15 km/h is excellent.

Electronic circuits are protected by the IP54 standard from rain splashes and dirt. But it is better not to ride in rainy weather.

The larger the battery capacity, the further you ride. For example, Samsung’s 4.4 ampere/hour battery provides 20 km of “jogging”.

Children buy gyroscuters with a diameter of 6.5 inches non-inflated wheels (we ride on flat tracks without obstacles), for teenagers – 8 or 10 inches, for adults – with inflatable wheels with a diameter of 10.5’ (266 mm). It is logical that the greater the distance to the ground, the more convenient it is to overcome any irregularities.

What are the disadvantages
Fakes. Do not buy used, with your hands (there will be no warranty) or a gyro scooter from an unknown manufacturer.
It is better to ride on flat sidewalks and not in bad weather. After all, electronic circuits.
Additional accessories make the model more expensive. Lighting, music, alarm. Many do not need it.
Have a good choice of “your” gyro scooter model!

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