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Smart Balance 10 Gyro Scooter

Do you want new sensations and love to play sports? Be sure to try yourself as a gyro scooter driver. Plus, walking in the fresh air in the park area is always good for your health. At the same time, test your balancing abilities on a “car” without a steering wheel and the strength of the muscles of your legs and back. And how easy it is to turn and even spin on it! It is also easy to buy this device for your son, daughter, wife, yourself – for the family, because everyone will like to ride.

Selection criteria
The popular model of the Smart Balance 10 gyro scooter has good functionality. There are also models in this trade line with Lightning, Pro, New and others consoles. Basic characteristics.
водителя The driver’s weight is up to 90+ kg. The sensitivity of the device begins with 20 kg of human weight.
⦁ The maximum speed is 15-17 km/h.
хода Power reserve up to 12-15 km.
The weight of the gyroboard is 13.5 kg (there is a carrying bag).
колес The diameter of the wheels is 10 inches (254 mm).
⦁ The total power of the motor is 500 watts (250 watts per wheel).
⦁ Battery capacity 4.4 A/h. Samsung battery (charging lasts up to three hours on a walk).
Средний Medium class of protection against moisture.
Гарантия The gyro scooter warranty is 1 year.

Additional benefits. LED backlight when moving. There is a convenient remote control (on/off). Self-balancing. High-strength plastic housing. Built-in TaoTao app with Bluetooth speaker, connects to a smartphone or iPhone. Not very expensive in price.

Useful tips
If we have been riding for more than two hours, it is advisable to look at the indicator on the gyro scooter platform. If it blinked red (and stopped glowing with a green light), then it is better to get into it so as not to fall when your vehicle suddenly turns off (battery charging is over).
A gyro scooter is an electronic device, so it’s better not to ride on the water. We store it in a dry room. If we don’t ride for a long time, then we charge the battery at least 1 time a month.
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