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Electric scooters in Uzbekistan

The climate of Uzbekistan seems to be created for walking on electric scooters and gyroscuters of different models. No dirt, bad weather and snow. Do you think that only teenagers ride eco-friendly modes of transport? Pensioners loved electric scooters with a seat, and students loved light and inexpensive gyroscuters.

On the company’s website, it is easy to choose a model for an adult (male and female), a teenager or a child, for an amateur in sports and a professional, for those who are engaged in extreme sports or like to travel on SUVs.

The stylish design of electric scooter models will pleasantly surprise you, as well as the technical characteristics. For every taste and budget!

Our advantages
ELEKTROPARK.UZ is the official representative of the world’s famous manufacturers of electric vehicles.
All models of gyroscuters and electric scooters meet International quality standards.

Gyroscuters. High-tech devices for movement have an excellent balancing system. An inexpensive device. Models with wheels with a diameter of 10 and 10.5 inches allow you to ride not only on flat tracks and smooth horizontal surfaces, but also on gravel. The power range of the electric motor for two wheels is 500-1000 watts.
Electric scooters. A kaleidoscope of different models allows you to buy an electric scooter with and without a seat, light in weight and solid for real macho. With different battery power, its charging time, the length of the selected route, even the time of day. There are SUVs with parking lights, headlights, allowing you to ride safely at night.

E-commerce sector
On the website of our company, the catalog presents the entire range of models of gyroscuters and electric scooters. It is convenient and easy to go to the website, select the desired product category, view technical specifications, make a purchase or put the product in a virtual shopping cart for further payment (different types of bank cards).
Pay attention to discounts and delivery terms of the order.

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